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Tennessen Accounting & Tax Service Inc., has been serving this community since 1968. We have the experience and knowledge to assist our local businesses and individuals when it comes to tax preparation and accounting services. Don’t let our 98-year-old building on the historic east side fool you; we are masters of technology and believers in continuing education. This ability to adapt to constant change allows us to provide the services that you need and deserve.

We provide services to family owned businesses, retail stores, manufacturers, hair salons and service professionals to name a few. Whatever the business that you are in, we can help you to get off on the right foot. If you are tired of being shuffled around trying to get your business started or are tired of not getting return phone calls from your current accountant, call us! We can help you get organized and give you the answers that you need.
Our rates for all our services are very competitive, and we are in the accounting and tax profession, so we won’t try to sell you IRA’s, life insurance or mortgages (as will some other tax services).

We are here all year to serve all our clients, whether you have a 1040 or a small business, whether you need us to do payroll for your company or balance your checkbook–we are here to work with you towards your goals as a business owner or as a taxpayer.

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